How to Crack a Web Designing Interview

One of the most promising profession is Web Designing today. Websites are emerging as the strongest tool for marketing and promoting their business. It acts as a bridge that connects the company with its clients, building trust amongst them.These websites are the reason for the increased demand for designers who have the zeal to create dynamic websites that will be trendsetters for years to come.

Just like you, very designer wishes to get his dream job after he has successfully completed his dream Web Designing Course. But in order to do so, you have to sail through the dreaded procedure known as the INTERVIEW.

It doesn’t matter whether it is your first interview for 10th. Whether you are a fresher or someone with years of experience. An interview still sends a shiver down your spine.

But why are interviews so important? Interviews are a two benefiting procedure. During an interview, the recruiters get an opportunity to find the right candidate for a position in their company. They can build contacts and also promote their brand.

As for you, an interview is a chance to present yourself in the best light to ensure to the recruiter that considers you worthy of the job. It helps in building confidence to handle tricky questions.

So without wasting time any further, follow these tips to ensure that you are the best candidate for the position.




Do your research nicely about the company, job profile and even the interviewer who will be conducting your interview, if possible. Read about the latest development of the company so that you can prepare your set of questions that you would like to ask.


Plan in advance what you will wear for the interview, what route you will take to reach your destination and set all your belongings that you have to carry on the D-day such as your resume, laptop or tablet, your portfolio or any other stationary that you might need.


For your interview, it is essential for you to update your skill set. Brush up your programming languages. Also, update your resume highlighting your strengths and how you successfully delivered excellence in the past.

Update your profile and portfolio on sites such as LinkedIn or GitHub.


Ask a friend or relative to help you by conducting mock interviews based on your resume and the questions that are commonly asked during a web designing interview. It will help you prepare for the real interview process but more importantly, build your confidence for the big day.



Finally, the day you have waited for has arrived. It is the day of the interview with your dream company. These tips will help you sail smoothly through the interview procedure at ease.


It is very important that you are on time for your interview. Consider the unforeseen obstacles that may come up on the way and leave in advance so that you reach on time. Arriving late due to traffic is just an excuse that will give a bad impression about you the client.


How you dress up for an interview speaks volumes about how important that interview is for you. If you have to meet the art director, going in formals might not be the best idea because there are strong chances that he might not be dressed in a suit. Yet, going for an interview in depressed jeans and a tank top won’t seem professional enough to consider you seriously for an interview.


As I mentioned earlier, interviews tend to give you butterflies in the stomach, thus it is important that you present yourself confidently. Even if you are nervous, try to calm yourself before in head in for the interview. Take your time to answer the question but keep it precise and quote examples of similar situations that you have handled in the past.


Be prepared for any unexpected task that may be a part of the interview procedure. Some web designing companies may ask you to create a framework for a website or could ask you to design a logo. There is no need to panic. You have done it before in your previous job or your college assignments and you are sure to do it again. Take a deep breath, believe that you can and you will.



Now that your interview is over, you might think that your work is done. And quiet so, it is. However there are two things that you can do and you must to ensure that you stay in the minds of the recruiters longer and for all the right reasons and at the same time, you have a higher chance of getting that dream job.


A “thank you” email is a gesture well appreciated by recruiters. It will indicate that you appreciate and acknowledge the time take by the recruiter to interview you.


Remember to follow up regularly to get the result about your interview. However, it is important that you take the feedback sportingly. If you are selected, then party. And if due to any reason you are unable to make the cut, let it be a learning experience for you.

In the end, how you behave during and after an interview indicated how enthusiastic you are to work in the company. So work hard and if you do get selected for the job, then with your hard work and passion achieve great heights in your career.

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